Illustrations of the book “The saved hoopoe”(1), over a text by Orlando Strecht-RibeiroAntónio Almeida.

Mixed media on MDF boards

Edition: 2010
Publisher: Livros Horizonte
ISBN: 9789722416801

(1) This book has not yet been translated into other languages​​. The title of the book presented here is a free translation.


1 poupapoupada PauloGalindro1 e1405291795754 - The saved hoopoe2 poupapoupada PauloGalindro1 e1405291809947 - The saved hoopoe3 poupapoupada PauloGalindro1 e1405291822818 - The saved hoopoe4 poupapoupada PauloGalindro e1405291857289 - The saved hoopoe5 poupapoupada PauloGalindro e1405291874959 - The saved hoopoe6 poupapoupada PauloGalindro e1405291886148 - The saved hoopoe7 poupapoupada PauloGalindro e1405291900960 - The saved hoopoe8 poupapoupada PauloGalindro e1405291912956 - The saved hoopoe9 poupapoupada PauloGalindro e1405291926100 - The saved hoopoe10 poupapoupada PauloGalindro e1405291940272 - The saved hoopoe